Welcome to UM Japan
UM is one of the world's leading Media Networks and is part of Interpublic Group, the 4th largest communication network with over 90 offices worldwide.
UM Japan is the leading international media agency in Japan and is growing fast. We continue to be appointed by new clients, ranging from Automotive to Fashion where we offer all forms of media, data and content to help enhance their businesses.
Our approach to communications
We believe in creating "Moments that Matter" for our clients' brands.
The media moments that "connect" a person with a brand in the most engaging and relevant way. Our strategists use a whole range of best in class tools and data to create the most effective "Connections Plan" for our clients media investment.
UM Japan has very strong programmatic and Analytics teams using the latest global and local technologies.
We prioritize data and analytics to understand the true value of what we do by understanding the "Return on Investment" and how to improve it. After all you cannot improve what you cannot measure.
Local and Global
UM Japan is part of a global network. We have a great balance of both Japanese and international clients.
This means our people have a very broad experience of global and local ways of working, the strategy, planning and execution methodologies.
And of course. Our people have the opportunity to experience working in other markets to help build their careers.

Our People

Our Culture and People

Our culture is built around the core Values of "Curiosity" and the desire to "Constantly learn, adapt and improve".
This delivers the most innovative thinking and effective results for our clients.
Our hiring policy is simple. Yes, we want to bring in the best people but we really look to bring in people who will enjoy themselves in our company and live our culture.

Meet some of our people

Anthony Plant Uma Anand Sarah Cruz Michael Chong Hajime Sakaguchi Hiromi Maeda Hirotaka Kawabata Qianyun Ye


IPG Mediabrands CEO

“I joined UM and Mediabrands Japan in 2013. Our goal is simple; to create a cutting edge, strategic media partner for our clients that will provide the most effective media thinking, plans and results in Japan.

More than 5 years into this journey, we have built an organization that uses the very best of Japanese and international talent and the very latest tools and technology that mean we can help navigate our clients through the ever-changing media and communications landscape now and in the future.

And now our capability is further enhanced by our data at the heart strategy and purchase of Acxiom, the world’s biggest provider of data.

We will now deliver data powered Precision Marketing for our clients to help them grow their business.

Uma Anand

Senior Strategy Director

"In my career over the last decade and a half, I have experienced the marketing world in several countries while wearing many different hats. I’ve been a consumer researcher, a strategic planner at a creative agency and a media strategist in India, Singapore and the US.

My passion has been developing smart and insightful strategies that tell impactful stories and now, over the last few years with the introduction of data and analytics, telling bigger, better and more meaningful ones.

A business trip to Tokyo inspired a change that resulted in me packing my bags and moving here from New York. I’m excited to have the opportunity to motivate the team and elevate the product to make it more agile, insightful and data driven.

I'm also looking forward to understanding the intricacies of how traditionalism and modernism co-exist, as I travel through the country exploring its food and culture."

Sarah Cruz

Media Planning Director

Many people wonder why I have only worked at one agency for my entire career. Fortunately, it’s easy to explain when a company like UM values agility, growth, and forward-thinking and acts on those principles. When I moved from New York to Tokyo in 2018, I was delighted to find that the UM spirit was one in the same. With the combined strength of local expertise and our globally-connected network, we put our best foot forward to do better for our clients, our agency, and even ourselves.

No matter which account, I have had the privilege of working with some of the best minds to build, support, and refine multi-channel media plans based on a data-led and insights-driven planning approach. That’s because a strong media agency flourishes when their talent is encouraged and challenged to think critically.

Working at UM has taught me that media planning uses both the analytical and creative sides of your brain. It’s how we stay close to the consumer and the technological innovations that reach them. The team here in UM Japan are experts at finding this balance between art and science so that we have a constant pulse on media trends across the entire paid, owned, and earned landscape as well as our client’s goals.

I can’t imagine being the professional I am today without the foundation that UM has provided to date and I look forward to the future we create together!

Michael Chong

Head of Marketing Science

"I joined IPG Mediabrands back in 2016. About 2 years into the journey, we managed to leverage best in class Talent, Tools and Processes into our day to day work which help our clients navigate through the ever changing media and communications landscape.

Our Passion? We are obsessed in using Data, Analytics and Insights to create integrated marketing plans to improve client business outcomes. Better Science, Better Art, Better Outcomes!"

Hajime Sakaguchi

Media Planner

"I joined McCann Erickson after graduating from Faculty of Science, Kyoto University in 2014. After 3 years of my career as a media buyer, I transferred to UM, and am now working as a media planner.

In my view, there are 2 types of media planning.
Type 1: Media alone can achieve KPIs regardless of its creative/activation.We plan our media by setting a measurable index such as awareness and try to pave the way to accomplish KPIs such as through measuring reach and frequency.
Type 2: Maximization of synergy of media and its creative/activation can achieve the goal. We explore and reinvent the usage of media based on the unique and unmeasurable idea.

At UM, given the size of our organization, we need to be able to tackle both types of media planning. In other mega agencies, maybe there is a specific specialist who can solve a certain issue. At UM, everyone needs to be able to solve such issues as a generalist as well as being a specialist. This environment allows us to thrive and to learn something new every day.
Anyone out there eager to acquire all media planning skills and to feel the intellectual excitement? Well then, UM is the best place for you!"

Hiromi Maeda

Strategic Planning Director

"In Japan UM is the sole international media agency capable of buying all media. At the same time, it is one of the few that also offers strategic planning in Japan. Seeing traditional advertising is in decline, I joined UM in 2014 from a creative agency. I desired new challenges of communication strategy starting from media perspectives.

We have more data available thanks to the development of ad technology and can grasp many more details about consumers: not only their desires and needs but behaviors. How to incorporate these findings into strategic planning requires an endless struggle, which is a fulfilling job for a person driven by curiosity like myself.

At UM we work with people with different professional backgrounds and from across the globe. Together we create a next generation agency of global marketing communications. As such, UM provides me with continuous intellectual stimuli."

Hirotaka Kawabata

Chief Media Planner

The advertising in the 21st century has evolved at the same pace with the evolution of internet and this has effortlessly allowed us to do what we could not achieve before. In this connection, we are foreseeing the internet Ad spend to exceed that of TV in the near future, which implies that this impact of internet evolution on our business will further become great.

The role of media in advertising has also significantly changed in the last several years. When TV was considered as one of the most effective mass media, it was important to deliver the ads efficiently by placing TV commercial at the center of adverting, combined with other media. Yet, now we, who understand the consumer’s media touch point are playing this centric role, by leading the communication planning by designing the consumer journey and verifying the effectiveness of those plans against the client’s business objectives.

UM will be a right fit for those of you who is always up for a new challenge and will be a great place to experience the dynamic change at a global scale on the front line!

Qianyun Ye

BAE Analyst

"I joined UM in 2017 and this is a brand new adventure for me in Japan. Only a few months in UM, the timely and speedy collaborations with colleagues and global side evoked me the feeling which led me to decide to leave my heavenly hometown Suzhou (China) to explore a multicultural environment.

In UM, the capability of data analysis and planning in all media provides me the treasurable opportunities to work with specialists from Japan to all over the world, and idea exchanging stimulates me to think and continuously drives me to further create better value for our clients.

More than the professionalism as a media agency, the full respect and understanding for different backgrounds makes me enjoy the new challenges and keeps my cultural identity at the same time."



Now Hiring!

We are looking to bring in new team members into the company to help us continue to drive our growth. UM prides itself on its desire to constantly challenge the accepted norms of the day. We can always improve, we can always innovate – this drives our company and our success. And it starts with our People.

We are looking to hire people from all backgrounds who share our attitude of curiosity and innovation. Working in UM offers you the opportunity to work across local and global clients and across many communication disciplines as part of a team to produce cutting edge media and marketing solutions.

Key Roles

Media Planner

Media Planner

Our media planners are “Connections Planners” – how we can use all forms of media to most effectively connect a brand with a consumer. This role combines insight, media knowledge and gut feel – all underpinned with data.


We believe in putting data at the heart of our operation. Data in all forms, consumer insight through to website traffic and this allows us to create better consumer insights, media communication strategies and more effective plans. Our analysts are a combination of data scientists, econometricians and ROI analysts.


Our strategists are the bridge to the consumer. They understand how the consumer thinks and feels and uncover insights that allow us to plan the most effective media – to inspire the consumer to engage, buy, use and use again.
Digital specialists/Programmatic

Digital specialists/Programmatic

Japan communications are becoming more and more digitally focused. Our digital teams provide specialist strategy, planning and buying – particularly in the programmatic space. We have two dedicated companies, CADREON and Reprise Media that specialize in programmatic and search optimization.
Client and Account Leadership

Client and Account Leadership

We are a strategic business partner for our clients. Our client service people are responsible for ensuring we are working to build the strongest possible working partnership with our clients – taking responsibility for all strategic and project management areas.


Contact Us

If you want to meet us and understand more about the fast changing world of media communications then please email (MAIL : bizdev@mbww.com)...